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Living In A Shipping Container

Shipping Container Living

Have you heard the latest buzz about living in a shipping container? Are you wondering what it could possibly mean? Here’s the deal, many individuals are now choosing to live in a shipping container home rather than a brick and mortar one. Why? Because of the many benefits that living in cargo containers affords. For starters, the investment cost in shipping containers is very nominal. The cost of remodeling a shipping container and turning it into a home will not break the bank, and maintenance costs are relatively low.

Want to learn how to build a house of out of shipping containers?  It’s really not that hard.  More people are opting to convert shipping containers into homes for a much lower cost than investing in regular homes and getting tied down to huge mortgages. Natural disasters on a global scale have escalated to a point where the damage to property is simply colossal. Insurance companies are hesitant to insure property against natural disaster damages and people are losing everything they worked hard for all their lives, through no fault of their own.

When you put all of these things into perspective, it is easy to see why there is such a boom in converting cargo containers into homes, offices, schools and more. Shipping containers are built to international ISO standards rendering them super-tough and resistant to hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and other natural disasters. There is even shipping container house design software for building shipping container homes to help you plan your container home and ensure it meets construction codes.

The internet is filled with pictures of beautiful shipping container homes; one would find it hard to reconcile these attractive homes with what was once a humble cargo container. It is not difficult at all to build a shipping container house. There are companies that offer professional services to convert a 40 foot container into a livable, tastefully designed and proportioned home.

Finding shipping containers is not difficult, an internet search will turn up a list of places where you can buy used cargo containers. It is possible to acquire new or used shipping containers in 20 foot or 40 foot sizes. The actual container cost is only one factor to be considered when calculating the cost of building your container home. There are other factors that you will need to consider as well including: handling cost, delivery cost, site preparation, metal work, engineering systems, insulation, electrical and plumbing installation and more. Shipping container home design software will help you with the unique construction properties of shipping containers.  These are all regular costs you would normally have to consider when building a traditional home.

Shipping container costs will vary based on the condition of the container, geographic location and seller among other things. Here’s a tip, check out the sea ports because that’s where most of the containers are concentrated, and where you can get the best deals. Whichever company you contact, ask for a quote; you may want to get a few quotes and then work out the total cost to decide the most cost effective option for your needs.

Shipping containers have the same size specifications, making it easy to stack them, creating outstanding home designs that serve both functionality and aesthetics.

You may be interested to note that the Californian architect, Peter DeMaria, is credited with building the first official shipping container home in 2006. He built his own beach house out of eight containers. In 2007, the house was awarded the AIA Honor in Excellence Award for Innovation.

Shipping Container Homes And Designs:

Shipping Container House Plans CAD Software

Shipping Container Home Plans Software

By Hershel E. Grafton

Retaining the strengths of the basic shipping container’s characteristics, while adapting them into an attractive and livable shipping container home plan is a little more complex than it’s possible for a YouTube video or a even video tutorial to express.

As you probably know, when it comes to the design and construction work involved in building a shipping container home, the devil really is in the details. And there are literally hundreds of details involved in successfully adapting shipping containers for habitation.

Shipping Container House Design Software

If it involves your family’s safety and the local building department, it is NOT going to be as simple as just stacking Lego blocks.

If you are actively considering building a shipping container home, you want to approach it from an educated perspective, and the truth is there are major potential pitfalls to shipping container construction. Here are a few of the major ones to consider when designing your shipping container house plans:

  • Obtaining Required Building Permits
  • Ensuring Your Design Meets Local Building Codes
  • Understanding the Basic Engineering of a Shipping Container Home

Unless you’re an engineer yourself or have experience in alternative building methods you are probably going to be a bit out of your depth in designing and building your own shipping container home, even more so if you plan on acting as the general contractor for the project. For a project of this scale you really need a solid guide and design software to ensure your are doing everything right, it’s correctly engineered and you are meeting local building codes and ordinances.

That’s where the Constructure Guide comes in.  The Constructure Guide is the only reliable source of information on constructing your own shipping container house that includes a comprehensive section on the engineering and building code questions that are so necessary to understand.

The Constructure Guide is comprehensive, yet written in layman’s terms and comes with a plethora of illustrations and photos to guide you through the engineering, design & building of a shipping container home or other building.

You can easily download the Constructure Guide onto your computer. There’s no need to bother with memberships and association auto renewals that some construction programs offer when you can own the material and print it for your use whenever necessary.

Take a look at the Constructure Guide for Shipping Container House Plans

Shipping Container Homes And Designs:

Shipping Container House Plans

Shipping Container Home Plans

What happens to all those empty shipping containers once they are no longer needed? Shipping containers travel across the world carrying goods that are loaded at the starting point and emptied at the destination point. 20 foot and 40 foot containers are reusable up to a point, and then have to be disposed of.  Many people have put those shipping containers to work as homes using shipping container house plans designed with the aid of CAD software specifically for designing container homes taking into account the unique building properties of cargo containers.

Statistics on the lifespan of shipping containers shows that cargo containers are built tough to last long. Life expectancy for a typical shipping container can range from 10 to 20 years. A long time indeed, but containers spend on average, over 50 percent of their lifespan idle or repositioned. When a container’s usefulness is over, it would appear it is simply abandoned to the mercy of the elements.  Of course shipping containers can last much longer than this when used in construction and given the proper exterior finish.

In many shipyards around the world, there are piles of shipping containers rusting their way to eternity. An eyesore that just keeps growing bigger and getting worse with the passing of time! Take China for example, the country is so heavily into manufacturing and exporting goods, that the Chinese are shipping enormous numbers of cargo containers to the U.S. on a daily basis.

Shipping Container House Plans

One eco-friendly solution to the glut of shipping containers that abound is using them for shipping container homes! Quite a jaw dropping answer indeed – but one has to admit that it’s a very simple and practical solution to affordable and green housing. New Age, an Australia newspaper, ran an article fairly recently on the provision of cargo container housing for victims of the quake and tsunami disaster in Japan. A team of architects designed simple shipping container house plans and quickly converted shipping containers into housing for thousands of displaced people in Japan.  There’s also some good information available on shipping container homes from the Green Building Council

Affordable Shipping Container Homes

Interest in shipping container homes first began with the world waking up to the fact that these cargo containers were piling up, literally in every sea port in the world. It’s estimated that there are over one million surplus shipping containers in the United States alone. Through the efforts of eco organizations, builders and designers, many of the surplus shipping containers are now being used to construct affordable housing, apartments, offices and more with unique shipping container architecture.

The realization of the enormity of the potential of shipping containers as homes has given impetus to the creation of shipping container house plans and the construction of increasing numbers of these prefab homes. The incredible strength of the shipping containers and the relative ease of cargo container construction, has led to one of the fastest growing building trends which seems certain not to let up anytime soon.

Consider using the Constructure Guide when drawing up your shipping house plans so you’ll be sure to take into consideration the unique engineering properties of cargo containers and factor in the applicable building codes.

Shipping Container Homes And Designs:

Shipping Containers Homes

Shipping Container Homes

Anyone know much about building your own home with shipping containers?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of building a shipping container home? Has anyone done this before?

This is a great idea for a smaller home. shipping containers homesShipping containers can be stacked and are 40 feet long. They are air and water tight so no bugs get in.  They’re strong and can last forever. Shipping container homes are ideal for tropical areas and there are no worries about termites. We’re doing a basement made of them to use as a tornado shelter.

If you’re thinking of building a shipping container house or any building built with cargo containers, take a look at shipping container house plans for information on design and construction of shipping container buildings.

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Shipping Container Homes And Designs: