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prefab shipping container homesCheap Prefab Homes

We have 4 hectares of land in Illinois, and we know we should have a well and septic system.  I’m looking for as a way to spend 5k on a house. I know it sounds impossible, but I’ve seen people make houses from shipping containers.  Maybe it would take 10k. I do not know … but for ideas and sites that might help me find the cheaper homes you can put in a field and be well enough insulated to endure the winter. There is a mobile home or park model type thing.

Once you have your site picked out you should check into what used shipping containers cost in your area.  Then take a look at shipping container home plans and determine just what type of container design you need.

Prefab shipping container home – one cool habitat .com

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  1. JOHN VERNON says:

    I have been impressed by the clever innovation of deigners and architects trying to provide affordable yet comfortable dwellings
    utilizing shipping containers.

    I would be very happy to hear from parties who have successfully converted shipping containers for residential customers.

    Frankly conventional architects bore me and I love the creativity
    of new vital minds trying to do for the environment and help their clients with their dwelling needs.

    your thoughts please by email and links to your sites.

    many many thanks,


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