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Shipping Containers Homes

Shipping Container Homes

Anyone know much about building your own home with shipping containers?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of building a shipping container home? Has anyone done this before?

This is a great idea for a smaller home. shipping containers homesShipping containers can be stacked and are 40 feet long. They are air and water tight so no bugs get in.  They’re strong and can last forever. Shipping container homes are ideal for tropical areas and there are no worries about termites. We’re doing a basement made of them to use as a tornado shelter.

If you’re thinking of building a shipping container house or any building built with cargo containers, take a look at shipping container house plans for information on design and construction of shipping container buildings.

Boston, MA Shipping Container House/Home Store -Puma Clothing/Conex Box

Shipping Container Homes And Designs:

Shipping Container Home Plans

Build A Large Underground Bunker With Shipping Containers

The Bunker Ark2 in Canada, was built with about 40 buses and houses around 400 people. Something similar could be built using shipping containers although most people wouldn’t need something so large.

How many shipping containers would you need to use to house 100 people with adequate kitchen facilities, rooms, bathrooms, etc.  What would a shipping container project like this cost?shipping container home plans

This could probably be done for around $300,000. Here is a cost breakdown: A shipping container is 8 feet in width and 40 feet long. That is 320 square meters and could consist of 1 bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and living room. Assuming 2 people sleeping in the bedroom and one sleeping on a pull out bed in the living room. A cargo containers can usually be purchased for $2400 or less used. Accommodating 100 people would require 34 containers. So, 34 x $2,400 = $81,600. The containers will have to be connected, insulated, etc.  Estimate $4000 per finished unit. $4000 x 34 = $136.000 $81.600 + $136.000 = $217,600 That gives you over $80 for concrete footings and other miscellaneous costs.

Shipping Container Home plans


Shipping Container Homes And Designs: