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Deltec Homes Complaints

Deltec Homes

Deltec, an energy efficient homebuilder known for their unique designs, is based in Ashville, North Carolina.  The roundish structure of the homes is rather unique and, in part contributes to their energy efficiency.  They are not known to build shipping container homes.

How is their track record as far as customer service and Deltec Homes complaints?  In the last three years they have two closed complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau, one of these occurred within the last 12 months.  Given the size of Deltec Homes, 2 complaints in a 3 year period is not many at all and they have received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has dealt with Deltec Homes and whether you have any Deltec Homes complaints – or positive reviews of Deltec as well.

You may also want to take a look at the Better Business Bureau site to see if they have any recent complaints against Deltec Homes.

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